Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell

Civil Litigation

Position: Managing Partner

Kevin is one of our civil litigation solicitors in Durham, with over thirty years of experience in the courts – particularly with civil, employment and criminal law.

Civil Litigation

Kevin has been engaged in Civil cases for almost 4 decades and has a wealth of experience in the courts including the Court of Appeal and The ECHR. His current practice is based mainly around Land and probate/trust disputes but he still carries out high value Personal Injury cases. Contentious Probate cases are an area he thrives in and deals with cases in both the County Court and the High Court.

Employment Law

Kevin has represented both Applicants and Defendants in the Employment Tribunal and still advises both Employee’s and Employers. Settlement agreements are dealt with by him on a very regular basis and usually very quickly.


He regularly advises on share disputes and transfers between shareholders or share transfer agreements. He also advises on general contract cases  and business related disputes surrounding the quality of goods and services.

Criminal Law

With over 25 years’ experience in the Criminal Court, Kevin is used to dealing with the less serious motoring offences and the more serious offences involving allegations of rape/murder etc. He is an experienced Prosecutor and Defender and has for many years prosecuted for organisations such as the RSPCA/DWP/Environment agency etc.

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