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Medical Negligence

What is clinical/ medical negligence?

Clinical and medical negligence claims can be pursued against the NHS or private service providers when medical diagnosis, surgeries or hospital treatments go wrong and you end up suffering due to the negligence of a medical professional such as your doctor, surgeon, hospital or private service provider.

You may have a case if you are suffering because your GP, surgeon or hospital:

  • Did not diagnose your condition
  • Misdiagnosed your condition
  • Prescribed the incorrect drugs as a course of treatment
  • Didn’t get your consent to treatment or didn’t warn you of risks associated with that treatment.
  • You didn’t receive treatment that was of an acceptable standard

At Freeman Johnson we have expertise in dealing with a range of medical negligence cases and our experienced medical negligence solicitors will always deal with your case in the most sympathetic manner, provide you with the most appropriate advice to meet your needs and work with you towards the result you want to achieve based on the supporting evidence. We will also obtain independent expert evidence to prove your claim and the impact the negligence has had upon your life.

Examples of some cases that we specialise in:

  • Birth injuries to mother or baby which may cause cerebral palsy
  • Injury due to anaesthetic
  • Trauma related to orthopaedic surgeries
  • Misdiagnosis or delays in diagnosis
  • Prescription errors
  • GP or NHS negligence
  • Cosmetic surgery errors
  • Replacement surgery errors
  • Surgery mistakes resulting in amputation
  • Nerve injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Claims against Nursing Homes

Why pursue a claim?

You can turn to us for legal advice on all manner of clinical negligence claims. Financial compensation will be vital for victims who have suffered a life-changing injury, but you might be able to pursue a claim for other reasons.

You can make a claim for compensation for injuries or ongoing suffering caused by your misdiagnosis or surgery if:

  • You are struggling with ongoing pain and suffering
  • You are paying for ongoing treatment
  • You are unable to live your life to the quality you did previously or are suffering psychological damage as a result
  • You’re experiencing loss of earnings
  • You are having to pay for any extra care, apparatus, or home adaptations

There are strict time limits in pursuing claims, particularly the limitation period so if you think you may have a claim, it is important not to delay in obtaining legal advice.

Our medical negligence solicitors can help you explore why things went wrong and advise if you have any grounds for bringing a claim. If you have a case we will investigate what further treatment can be provided to improve your quality of life, whilst also securing funds if you require private treatment.

Contact the medical negligence team

Dorian Williams is our medical negligence partner. He has specialised in this area for over 15 years and has a good track record in winning claims. You can read about previous cases by clicking on this link here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our medical negligence legal services in County Durham and North Yorkshire.

Call Freeman Johnson on 01325 466221 or view the contact details for our three UK offices here.

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